What you need to budget for ...


We will provide a general but reliable estimate of costs (based on the information provided by you) at the outset. The final cost of the web site is determined on its content, size, structure and general complexity. When created from "scratch" the total cost can only be generalised. The cost really depends on what needs to be done for your specific web site. We only charge for the time spent with no minimum amount.

Basic Cost

This is based on an hourly fee (charged pro-rata) and covers: Site preparation and layout, Digital image optimization, Web graphics, Scripting, Banner and Image creation.

Additional Costs

This is based on an hourly fee (charged pro-rata) and covers Periodic maintenance and Major site updates. Occasional minor updates (e.g.: changing an address or telephone number) will normally be free of charge.

Costs Not included

Certain costs of setting up your web site are not included in our charges and you must arrange and pay these separately. This will include your hosting fee, your ISP charges, Domain name registration fees, Royalties or purchase fees for images.