We aim to provide an affordable, clear and stylish design to meet your needs.

Custom Web Design

Your web site will be individually created, we do not use templates or standard layouts. A dummy version of your design (two or three pages) will be created for you to get the feel of the design, before the full web site is created.

JavaScript, CGI Scripts, SQL and PHP

These are services that can add automated functionality to your site, like a Content Management System. Some of these services are dependant on what facilities your web host provides or will allow to be run on their server.

Custom Graphics

The graphics on your web site can be custom designed to fit in with any existing logo or style of presentation you already use. You will need to provide good quality original digital images.

Easy to Use

Your web site will be designed with ease of use a primary concern. We can also incorporate accessibility features to make the web site easier for people with disabilities. All designs are cross-browser compatible and tested in: Microsoft Internet Explorer, Netscape Navigator, FireFox, Opera and Safari browsers.

Search Engine Optimisation

Your site will be optimised for search engines to help give you good rankings. Sites we design regularly get on the first page of search results on many well known search engines.

Email Accounts

We can set up and manage your email accounts.

Site Maintenance

Periodic maintenance, major site updates and occasional minor updates can be undertaken. We will also liaise with the relevant help desk contact for your web host to help resolve any problems with the web site and hosting service.

Site Statistics

Most web hosts will provide site statistics, we can monitor and interpret these statistics to give you a good impression of how the site is attracting visitors. We may be able to detect and rectify problems identified by the statistics.

Web Host

We recommend Blackfoot Hosting who offer comprehensive and competitively priced web hosting.